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In the walk-in closet, do you want to install the door?


I believe everyone has seen those high-value walk-in closets in the drama in many film and television works.

In the play, the heroine is surrounded by an environment full of clothes and bags

I can choose my favorite clothes every day

Are you excited?

Now many families will reserve space to create an independent walk-in closet during the renovation phase, but many friends will struggle with the question, do you want to install the door in the walk-in closet?

The 01 walk-in closet does not have a door, it can not only display the clothes and collections placed intuitively, but also more convenient when choosing clothes. But after a long time, it is easy for the wardrobe to fall into the ground, which increases the workload of cleaning.

Should the wardrobe in the walk-in closet be fitted with doors?

Now let's analyze the pros and cons of installing and not installing doors.

1 From the price point of view, under normal circumstances, the independent walk-in closet will usually be customized to the ceiling closet, if the cabinet door is installed uniformly, there will be a lot of extra expenses.

2 In terms of appearance, the walk-in closet uses an open design, which is more displayable than the closed wardrobe. At the same time, by setting different partitions, it can reasonably store and organize clothes. The overall appearance of the open walk-in closet will be very transparent ,tidy.

3 In terms of hygiene, although the walk-in closet is generally in a closed environment, there will still be hygiene problems due to daily access and use.

From a hygienic point of view, the wardrobe door is much cleaner than the open wardrobe. The wardrobe with the cabinet door can provide a completely enclosed space for clothes, avoiding the invasion of daily dust.

to sum up

Open wardrobe

Advantages: It has a good sense of space transparency, high value and saves cost.

Disadvantages: long time is easy to accumulate dust, need to be cleaned regularly.

Closed wardrobe

Advantages: It can better isolate the outside dust, and close the cabinet door to visually ensure that the walk-in closet is clean and tidy.

Disadvantages: The overall cost of multiple cabinet doors is high, and there are problems such as formaldehyde volatilization. It needs to be ventilated for a period of time before use.

From the above analysis, we can see that open wardrobes and closed wardrobes have their own advantages and disadvantages. When customizing the wardrobe, you can carefully weigh them according to your needs and then choose the style that suits you.

How to build a cloakroom that balances both?

02 Seeing here, do you want to ask: "Is there a way to do the best of both worlds?" Try a semi-open wardrobe! The semi-open wardrobe can better preserve the permeability of the walk-in wardrobe and prevent dust from invading. So how do you create a semi-open wardrobe?

1. The local cloakroom can be designed according to different needs. For example, the area where the clothes are placed in the season does not need to be a cabinet door, and some seasonal clothes can be used as a cabinet door to block dust. This not only meets the aesthetic requirements, but also eliminates the problem of dust on clothes.

2. Glass door.

If you want to have a transparent walk-in closet, you may wish to make the door of the cloakroom cabinet into a transparent door, a glass door panel, so that you can see the clothes in the cabinet door, and at the same time, you can block the dust out. .

3. Curtains are used as door panels to cover the wardrobe.

If it is too troublesome and expensive to make cabinet doors, it is to use curtains instead! Although the visual effect may be inferior to the perspective door, it is more convenient, even if you don’t like it or want to change the style in the future, you can change it at any time.

Compared with the strict closed wardrobe, and the open wardrobe that needs to be cleaned frequently, the semi-open wardrobe can not only have a high-value, transparent wardrobe, but also avoid the invasion of dust. Smart, you should know how to choose it!

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