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What is the overall kitchen and what are the advantages of the overall kitchen


Nowadays, when many families decorate their kitchens, they tend to be integrated kitchens. The overall kitchens are different from the past kitchen decoration designs, which can bring many conveniences to modern cooking life. The integrated kitchens combine kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances. of. The following is an introduction to the overall kitchen and what are the advantages of the overall kitchen.

What is the overall kitchen

The whole kitchen is also called the whole cabinet, which is different from the traditional cabinet. The whole kitchen can combine the kitchen utensils and kitchen electrical systems used in cooking, which can effectively improve the utilization of kitchen space. The overall kitchen is a more popular kitchen design method, which is currently used in kitchen decoration. In addition, we must know that the overall kitchen is customized according to the actual size of each kitchen, not a finished product.

What are the advantages of the overall kitchen

1. Good integrity

The overall kitchen is relatively good. It can store all cooking utensils and kitchen appliances in one space, implement overall equipment, overall design, and overall construction, which is convenient for people to use, and can make the kitchen environment more tidy, clean and beautiful.

2. Environmental protection and health

Due to the high frequency of use of the kitchen, all environmental sanitation will directly affect the health of the cook. The overall kitchen design pursues environmental protection and uses non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly materials, so that we don’t have to worry about harmful substances that will endanger our health in normal use, and the overall kitchen is easy to clean and can reduce the burden of housework.

3. Safe and comfortable

The overall kitchen is highly integrated, safe and comfortable, and will eliminate various hidden safety hazards in traditional kitchens, making people safer when cooking in the kitchen, and the overall kitchen cleverly uses the principles of ergonomics and ergonomics to facilitate cooking and make The design is more humane.

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