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Is the cabinet door of the closet a hinged door or a sliding door

For the wardrobe in the family, we will install it in almost all families when we decorate it. The wardrobe can be said to be a more important piece of furniture in our family. What should we pay attention to when installing the wardrobe? In fact, for the wardrobe, in addition to focusing on the installation method and the choice of cabinet material, another important point is the material of the wardrobe door and the way of opening.

Does the wardrobe at home choose flat doors or sliding doors?

Regarding the choice of the opening method of the wardrobe door for the wardrobe in the home, my personal opinion is that the sliding door is the first choice, and the second is the flat door. Why is it recommended that you choose sliding doors instead of swing doors? This is mainly decided according to the specific conditions of our family. Here are two reasons for my personal summary.

①: Choose sliding door for wardrobe, which is more conducive to choosing installation location. In other words, when installing the wardrobe in our bedroom or other locations, we don't need to consider the way the door opens. The door of the wardrobe is a sliding door, which moves left and right inside the cabinet, and does not occupy the outer space. Therefore, from the choice of location, it is more appropriate to choose a sliding door for the wardrobe.

②: Choose sliding doors for wardrobes, and the space in front of the wardrobe doors is almost unlimited. In other words, we install the wardrobe, if you choose a sliding door wardrobe close to the bed, you can install it. But if we choose to open the door, we must ensure that the wardrobe door has room to open. For example, the width of a single door of a wardrobe door is 500 mm, so there must be a space of 500 mm in front of the wardrobe door, which may not be satisfactory for many bedrooms.

What are the options for opening the wardrobe door?

For the choice of the opening direction of the door of the wardrobe installed in the home, in addition to the two-point door opening direction selection introduced to you above, in fact, everyone has to choose according to the specific situation in our family. Because the specific circumstances of installing wardrobes in our homes are different, and the requirements are completely different. The personal opinions are as follows.

①: When the indoor space is tight, I personally recommend that you choose batch sliding doors. In other words, after installing the wardrobe in our home, the space between the wardrobe and the bed is too small, so at this time we choose sliding doors. This can save a lot of space, and will not affect the use of the wardrobe.

②: If the space in our home is particularly large, there is no need to consider the space problem after the wardrobe is installed. You can choose at this time. For example, the bedroom in our home is very large. There is only one bed in the center of the bedroom, and the rest of the space is redundant. Then at this time, you can choose the opening method of the wardrobe door at will. In this case, I personally recommend that you choose to open the door. Because the style of swing doors is generally better than sliding doors.

What issues should be paid attention to when choosing a wardrobe door?

For the cabinet door of the closet, in addition to the choice of the opening method above, we should also pay attention to the installation method of the cabinet door and the manufacturing method of the cabinet door itself, because the inside of the closet is used to store clothes. So if it is not considered properly, some problems may arise. Specifically, the following three points are shown.

①: For cabinet doors of wardrobes in humid places, try to choose cabinet doors with shutters. That is to say, no matter whether our wardrobe doors are flat or sliding, there must be vents similar to louvers on the doors. In this way, it is avoided that the inside of the wardrobe is a closed space, because the closed space is very prone to mold after being damp. This is also the most important point we need to consider when choosing a wardrobe.

②: For some special places, or places where it is inconvenient to install cabinet doors, I personally recommend that you don't need to install cabinet doors in your wardrobe. In other words, we only make cabinets for wardrobes, and the doors are open. In this way, the clothes we usually store are directly visible. This situation is not only convenient for us to store and take the clothes, but also very helpful to prevent the clothes from becoming moldy and damp.

③: For sliding cabinet doors, everyone must pay attention to the installation of their hardware when choosing. Because many sliding cabinet doors are found to be difficult to push and pull after several years of use. This is because the hardware installation of the wardrobe or the hardware itself is not up to standard, resulting in deformation after use, and ultimately difficult to open the cabinet door.

For the opening method of the cabinet door of the wardrobe installed in the family, the personal suggestion is that the sliding door is the first choice. However, for sliding doors, you must choose good hardware and good door bodies. Another individual recommends another solution to everyone, that is, our wardrobe can be made without doors, that is, an open wardrobe. In this way, our clothes are exposed in the field, which is convenient to use and can prevent the clothes from becoming moldy and damp. The last suggestion for everyone is that the wardrobe in our home must be reasonably laid out according to our interior decoration layout. Because only the wardrobe arranged in this way is the best looking.

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