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  • ​The renovation of my new house has come to the stage of decorating the kitchen. I am now preparing to install the cabinets, and the dimensions have been measured at the time of the design. However, I found that my designer actually did not measure the size of the cabinet back plate under the sink. I'm curious, why not measure it? So I asked the designer. The designer told me that usually they don't install the back plate under the sink. Don't think that this is cutting corners. In fact, there are more benefits to doing this.


  • Home improvement is no small matter, no matter where you are, you can't take it lightly. In order to save trouble, many people go directly to the mall to buy the whole cabinet and install it. However, this material is not guaranteed. If it is made of particleboard and water leaks accidentally, it will cause the body board to get damp and bulge. A cabinet bought for several thousand dollars will be broken in two or three years. So when you ask workers to install cabinets at home, you must put an extra layer of aluminum foil under the sink. It doesn't cost much, and it can prevent the cabinet from becoming moldy in a few years. It's so practical!


  • Nowadays, when many families decorate their kitchens, they tend to be integrated kitchens. The overall kitchens are different from the past kitchen decoration designs, which can bring many conveniences to modern cooking life. The integrated kitchens combine kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances. of. The following is an introduction to the overall kitchen and what are the advantages of the overall kitchen.


  • Kitchen cabinets, as one of the important manifestations of kitchen appearance, require not only practicality but also aesthetics. So be careful when choosing. There are many kinds of cabinet materials on the market now, and it is difficult to know how to choose when buying.


  • The cabinet can be used by every household, and the use function is very powerful. Therefore, there are many types of cabinets on the market. The more choices we have, our consumers are also picky. In order for everyone to choose less pits, today is for everyone Summarized the 5 tips for buying cabinets. After learning, you can easily choose cabinets.


  • ​Cabinet design has always been an important step in kitchen decoration, and it is also a complicated task. So what issues should we pay attention to when designing cabinets? Let's take a look at the experience of cabinet design!