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  • Why not recommend using acrylic for cabinet doors? Xiaobian disagrees with this point of view. Acrylic can really be used for cabinet doors, which has many advantages and I don't regret using it.


  • I believe everyone has seen those high-value walk-in closets in the drama in many film and television works. In the play, the heroine is surrounded by an environment full of clothes and bags


  • ​As an important part of the wardrobe, the handle is usually indispensable, and if the handle is not selected, it is easy to reduce the grade of the wardrobe. So, how should the handle be selected?


  • ​In order to better meet personalized needs, the customization industry is now more and more recognized by the public and has become a new darling in the wardrobe industry. In order to facilitate the use of consumers and prevent the negligence and erroneousness of the installation master during the installation process, today we will Let me talk about how to accept the custom wardrobe after installation?


  • Inner peace can feel the great beauty of life, beauty is not a symbol, is a state of mind, but also a pleasant.


  • Wardrobe is a must-have piece of furniture in the bedroom. Nowadays, when every family is renovating, they rarely go directly to buy a finished wardrobe. They will go to a professional custom home brand. In addition to product design, material selection, style matching, etc., the edge sealing of the board can not be ignored.